Where to go from here?

General learning references

Special topics

  • Deep learning using Keras in R

  • A little online book on time series. Start here and read up to the end of the “Forecasts using exponential smoothing” section and you’ll be off to a solid start

  • The prophet R package, developed by Facebook’s Core Data Science team for forecasting with time series

  • A free online book on mining and analysis of text

  • Mixed effect models are another very useful generalization of linear models, especially when the observations are grouped but you don’t want to estimate the coefficients for different grouping categories. Here are two blog posts describing the basic ideas in R. This is a slightly more advanced statistical topic, but one that comes up very often in consulting (in my experience)

  • This introductory book on causal inference is not free, but there are previews of some chapters

Interactive tools

Something else you’re interested in that you don’t see here?

  • Email me if you have any questions and I will try to help!